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hi gene.
thanks so much for your help..
i did it, but now, even i dont hear links headings etc when i use the
arrow keys.
i wish that hear the elements but only when i use shortcut keys like k
and h and also when i navigate by arrow keys.
i only want to dont hear it in say all.
what should i do?

On 4/7/17, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

I think the easiest way is to set up a profile with the reporting of
those things turned off. Where they need to be turned off is under the
document formatting section. But do not go there first it will need to
be done in the profile.

To set up a profile where you can do this and automatically have it done
you need to do the following.

Go into your browser whether it be mozilla fire fox etc. make sure it is
in focus.

Next Press the nvda key + ctrl key + the letter P

When the profile manager opens next tab to new it is a button press the
space bar on it. give it a name like mozilla fire fox with out
formatting then tab it will say some thing manual activation i could
have to check. Do not touch this one but arrow down to current
application it will say mozilla fire fox. Then tab down to the ok button
then press the enter key.

Next bring up document formatting with the ctrl key + nvda key + the
letter D.

Tab down to where it says reporting of headings list etc and uncheck
those boxes then tab to the ok button then press the enter key.

You might have to go back into your pro file or hopefully it is still in
focus locate the profile you set up then tab to the close button then
press the enter key.

If set correctly you should not hear link, heading list etc.

When you do it make sure you are in mozilla fire fox then bring up the
profile do your changes in document formatting then after done when back
in the pro file tab to close just as mentioned.

I am pretty sure you will get the idea and other profiles can be set up
for other applications.

I find doing for a current application is far easier for a lot of people.

Gene nz

I am pretty sure i gave the right directions.

On 7/04/2017 7:06 PM, nasrin khaksar wrote:
hello every one.
i remember that two years ago if i am correct, i asked this question
and recieved a great answer step by step.
but i dont remember the answer and the date which i asked it here.
i wish that when i use say all in firefox or any browser, nvda does
not announce link, heading table list and anything else.
i wish that only hear the document rather than link heading and all
you told me i should use trigger for this purpose.
how should i activate and use triggers for my goal?
i waite for your help, God bless you and i pray for you sincerely.

we have not sent you but as a mercy to the creation.
holy quran, chapter 21, verse 107.
in the very authentic narration is:
imam hosein is the beacon of light and the ark of salvation.
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