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Ron Canazzi

Hi Andrea,

The easiest way to export setting from Thunderbird is to copy the entire data folder from one computer to another.  You locate this folder by opening the run dialogue and typing the following line which I will place on a separate line:


Then copy the Thunderbird folder and on the other computer, paste it into the same folder path by typing the above expression in the run dialogue and opening the data folder.

This will copy all mail and configurations, but will not copy the address book.  For that item, you must use the export feature from the address book itself and then use the import feature in the address book on the new computer using the exported file as the base for importation.

On 4/7/2017 7:14 AM, Andrea Sherry wrote:

Working with a friend on latest Thunderbird for deafblind users.

What we would know is if there is a way of exporting settings in a way that they could be transported to another computer.


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