Re: Replying to the list using the web site



         I am suspecting that what you believe you did, and what you actually did, might be ever so slightly different.  If you have logged in to the website, gone to the messages for a group, and hit the reply button, this should open up the reply area and hitting the Reply to Group button should send what you compose.

         That being said, I'm in NVDA right now while composing this message and the reply composition area is not announced as an edit box. When I finally land in it it announces, "Section editable clickable, clickable."  I still haven't found the way to "quick jump" past all of the control buttons straight into this box.  I find it interesting that the Subject field does announce, "Subject, editable."  I'd think that this box would announce either, "Message text, editable," or "Reply, editable," but it doesn't.

         Once I hit NVDA Key + Spacebar to switch back to browse mode I then cannot escape this edit box by tabbing, and that wasn't true earlier.  Now that I've been playing with this again I'm still stuck in the compose box and can't get out as I'd think I should.

          Even though I'm not the most skilled screen reader user there are clearly accessibility issues with the website and certain behaviors are particularly vexing.

          I'm just curious as to what you actually did mostly because it didn't work and I can't even get myself out of this editing area "by conventional means."

          As an aside, I updated to the Creators Update yesterday and when I just fired up NVDA 2017.1 to compose this message I got a massively long announcement regarding Narrator and the languages it's available in.  I found that more than a bit odd and, though it could be helpful, hope it's a one time shot.


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