Re: Replying to the list using the web site


I finally got it to work.  I switched to forms mode and pressed the space bar on the reply to group button.  I won't experiment more on list because I don't want to have people receive messages of me experimenting with the interface.  It's nice to have the option on the rare occasions when I might want it.  But I'll note that the reason the message has so many mistakes is because you can't read it and edit it when browse mode is off.  You can read it in browse mode but not edit it.  Just one more reason people wouldn't use the web interface.  In case this is useful to anyone, I also wasn't able to see the field for replying when using Chrome.  I was able to see it in firefox while browse mode is off. 

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Sent: Friday, April 07, 2017 4:14 PM
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We were talking earlier today about the difficulties of using the web interfact to reply     to messages.  m trying once again and this time, I'm using a slightly differe    nt procedure.      Let's see if it works.



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