Re: Replying to the list using the web site

mcLeod stinnett

from mack<p><br></p>i just recently realized you cood log in to and have a reply option. now, i don'[t have to use thunderbird to do this. i get so tired of thunderbird sayin gmail, failed to send your message. no reason is given. this may help some of you, log into and click on your name, choose account,and then prefferances. i have log in with google checked. also, i have plain text checked instead of h t m l. if you don't change to plain text, when you hit reply, you are presented with a bunch of junk options, that in most cases won't be helpful to you. so, after doing this, when i hit reply, i am placed in the edit box to reply, i can reply, left and rite arrow to read what i am writing, delete letters, etc. good stuff. i am doing this with NVDA and i have my browse settings to always stay in browse mode, unless i tap the spacebar to write in a box. i found that the automatic setting, often caused me to have a hard time leaving the edit box. i am doing all this using i e 11, i have not used any other browsers to test behavior, thanks

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