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Sukil Etxenike <sukiletxe@...>


In the latest versions of both Windows Frotz and Windows Glulxe, speech can be stopped by pressing ctrl + Break.

El 08/04/2017 a las 11:01, Felix G. escribió:
Since I'm a huge fan of IF myself, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good interpreter for ZCode and Glulx games which works well with NVDA in terms of automatically announcing new text and interrupting when I press a key. Windows Frotz and Windows Glulxe do have built-in speech but that cannot be interrupted, and when using them without speech NVDA does not announce new content as it is printed even though I have installed an add-on for this. Any suggestions? Maybe just the add-on that needs updating?
Kind regards,

Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> schrieb am Sa., 8. Apr. 2017 um 02:47 Uhr:
Not sure but parchment seems to be quite old now, it works well enough
especially for complex games for me if you don't use a glulx zcode or
tads interpreter offline which I do sometimes do this works really well.

On 7/04/2017 7:50 p.m., Sukil Etxenike via Groups.Io wrote:
> Hi,
> Lately I've been testing online interactive fiction interpreters. All
> these implement aria (precisely,aria-live="polite",
> aria-atomic="false", aria-relevant="additions"). The problem is that
> with some specific games (like Ad Verbum) NVDA fails to output
> anything automatically. Link to test this (with Parchment):
> adverbum - Parchment
> <>
> Anyone can clarify why this happens? Note that this is not specific to
> this game, but this only happens in Parchment (see
> <>).
> That works properly...
> Even more weirdness: Andrew Plotkin uses an older version of Parchment
> with no ARIA, and it works surprisingly well (compare
> <> and
> <>.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks very much,
> Sukil

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