Re: Free Music Production software

John Wilson <j.wilson07@...>

Is there anything equivalent to QWS but for standard interfaced electric and electro-acoustic guitars?


On 08/04/2017 07:44, Shaun Everiss wrote:
have you tried qws

thats free and is used a lot by the blind, sonar studio can be used, and reeper if you can afford it there are 2 licence types and an access plugin for nvda which I foget where to get but its called osara its on github if you want to get that one.

On 8/04/2017 6:33 p.m., Ame wrote:
Hi all!

I have a nice Casio keyboard and it’s got a USB port on it. Never seen one like it. I’d love to start creating some music so I was looking at sequencer software. I found a list of free and open source programs and wondered if anybody had any recommendations. I can’t afford to buy anything right now so I’m hoping one of these programs will provide what I need. The list this site gives begins with the one they recommend most highly. I’ve not heard of any of them. There’s LMMS, Hydrogen, temper and DarkWave Studio. Is anyone familiar with any of these or perhaps other programs that do a good job and, of course, will work with NVDA? Any feedback I receive will be appreciated. Thanks so much.


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