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Simon Jaeger


Reading the whole thread, and I'll respond to a few things here:

1. Definitely recommend QWS. It's well-documented and is a great midi sequencer. Aside from that, Reaper and Osara are quite good, and Reaper has a cheap non-commercial license.

2. You need a midi-to-USB converter before you can get the MIDI data into your computer. Check out Amazon for this.

3. If you actually want to record the resulting audio of the keyboard, you'll need recording software like audacity, and a way to plug the keyboard's audio output into the computer. You could record the individual tracks and add effects to them this way. But remember that midi is only note data, so anything you compose on your keyboard has to be played either through the keyboard or through a midi synthesizer on Windows. The one that ships with Windows is pretty bad quality, and has a very noticeable delay between the time a note is sent and the time it actually plays. On some hardware it's also off key.

So, your first step is probably getting aMIDI box that plugs into the computer. Alternatively, you could just plug the keyboard into a line-in jack on the computer and record using Audacity, but you'd lose the ability to edit individual notes after recording them. If your computer does not have a line-in jack, you could try this audio interface plus an eighth-inch to RCA cable, for getting a stereo signal from your keyboard to the computer:

Unfortunately, you are probably not going to find an easy way to do midi sequencing without spending some money to get a midi interface.

Hope this helps,


On 2017-04-07 23:33, Ame wrote:
Hi all!
I have a nice Casio keyboard and it’s got a USB port on it.  Never seen one like it.  I’d love to start creating some music so I was looking at sequencer software.  I found a list of free and open source programs and wondered if anybody had any recommendations.  I can’t afford to buy anything right now so I’m hoping one of these programs will provide what I need.  The list this site gives begins with the one they recommend most highly.  I’ve not heard of any of them.  There’s  LMMS, Hydrogen, temper and DarkWave Studio.  Is anyone familiar with any of these or perhaps other programs that do a good job and, of course, will work with NVDA?  Any feedback I receive will be appreciated.  Thanks so much.

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