Not much success using Goldwave with NVDA

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
I was recently trying to learn audio editing with Goldwave (version
5.5.5) using NVDA version 2016.1 and the latest development snapshot
of the Goldwave add-on. Although the audio tutorial series (in the
Urdu language) was recorded with reference to JAWS, I have wanted to
stricly adapt all the key commands to NVDA and use NVDA for this task
However, I am finding that either I am ignorant about Goldwave usage
with NVDA, likely because of lack of sufficient documentation
material, or NVDA is not as efficient with the process as JAWS is
(which I would not like believe is the case in actuality).
From hearing the audio tutorial series, the JAWS scripts key commands
involving Alt + Shift and a certain intuitive alphabet to receive
certain information is very logical and easy to understand, whereas
NVDA's combinations for Goldwave are rather weird and require roting
more than rationale. E.g. along with Alt Shift, I believe s, d and f
is very comprehensibly used, so is u, i and o, as well as e, r and t,
everything being easy to visualize and learn quickly, whereas NVDA's
Goldwave add-on has absolutely random keyboard shortcuts, and maybe
less too in number and information as opposed to the JAWS scripts.
Reading the status bar is also more useful in JAWS than in NVDA as was
demonstrated in the audio tutorial, and for some odd reason, I am
unable to use the Shift and Ctrl + Shift + left and right arrow keys
to move markers and cursors with NVDA, as the JAWS user explains in
the audio tutorial.
Conclusively, I would like to thank Joseph and the other contributors
of the Goldwave NVDA add-on, and emphasize that a JAWS versus NVDA
comparison is not the topic I intend to raise, Goldwave support is.
Since I seem to be able to locate no useful information on usage of
Goldwave specifically with NVDA, and my initial impressions suggest
that JAWS might be more efficient at this job, I am considering using
JAWS while doing audio recording and editing, but I hope with your
valuable responses and clarifications that might not need to happen.
Thanks for all the work the NVDA add-on team is doing!

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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