Re: Using NVDA with Conexant smart Audio?

Jacob Kruger

Only issue have had with conexant built into my lenovo laptop was a recording enchancement effect, which was messing up recording level consistency under audacity, but, would suggest you go into sound card settings, select playback/output device, activate it's properties button, and, under playback, try disabling all the enhancement effects?

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On 2017-04-11 03:15, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:

I just got a new computer that uses Conexant smart Audio and the speech from NVDA is clipping off at the end of words. So rather than saying "start button: ctrl+aesc" it says "startbutton: ctrl+e".
This makes using NVDA really difficult. I have googled the problem and don't see any solution. I would really like to  use this computer!

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