Re: thunderbird 52 mail issue

Jeffrey Shockley

There is a slightly easier way to accomplish the same thing pretty much.
If you go into the “View” menu I think it is, and if you see I think it’s the “Today pane” option checked, press enter to uncheck it, and all that will also go away. I can’t remember if those options are in a sub-menu somewhere however, I do hope this helps. This is just another way, which some might find slightly easier, to do the same thing without having to go through the process of uninstalling anything.

On Apr 11, 2017, at 8:30 PM, Shaun Everiss <@smeveriss> wrote:

Hi all.

This is for the user with the thunderbird 52 issue.

I went back by mistake today with shift tab and got on a list of dates and a lot of unknown controls.

Sure enough when I entered addons in thunderbird the lightning calendar addon was still installed, previously tb asked to remove it but didn't this time round.

I uninstalled it from addons manager by going to extentions and selecting lightning and hitting remove.

And after a restart my thunderbird window is normal and not full of unwanted bloat.

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