Re: windows 10 creators update version, along with NVDA


Why bother with the reset.

After the update I went through the settings setting things as they should be.

Why bother updating if you will reset, why not just get a fresh image and reformat and fix everything that way if you are set on a reinstall.

A good reformat always fixes everything and makes your system work as it should.

In fact its the first thing you should do to fix any issue reformat and the problem will go away.

To the rest as you can see I am being extremely sarcastic.

A reset is almost a reformat and there is no need for resetting with settings and stuff.

On 12/04/2017 9:23 p.m., Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:

I updated my laptop to Windows 10 Creator's Update, and things seem to work fine. Be aware, if you attempt to update from version 1607 via a disk image and select to only keep files, you may encounter an issue where some settings, like some start menu settings, won't save properly. I contacted Microsoft support and they remoted into my laptop, created a new test account, and the issue was not present in the test account. So today in order to fix the issue I decided to reset my computer, rather than using the test account that the Microsoft support personnel created.

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