Windows 10 App Essentials add-on and Skype UWP v11.13



In version 11.13 of the Skype UWP app, now there are some keyboard shortcuts for easier use. Which is very nice, by the way. But when we use it in combination with the "Windows 10 App Essentials" add-on, there are keyboard shortcut conflicts. For example, now Skype itself provides keyboard shortcuts to go to recent conversations list, contact list and the list of chat bots. But the add-on also provides similar functionality with the same keyboard shortcuts, which are Alt+1, Alt+2 and Alt+3. The add-on uses Alt+3 to go to the chat edit text field, but I think that it should be changed to for example Alt+4, in order to avoid the conflict. As for Alt+1 and Alt+2, I think those should be removed from the add-on, since they provide similar functionality from Skype itself. Joseph, what do you say?

Thanks much in advance!

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

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