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I have a feeling this has come up before, and neither are accessible.
Is there no SA blind association who could advise the school on an accessible alternative they could get?

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Evening folks

I am Marisane from SA.

I, this year, registered for English hons with the University of Limpopo.

My lecturer recommends that we use the dictionary for some of the exercises.

He advised us to buy Oxford or Cambridge dictionary.

Fortunately, there's both dictionaries at my work place.

They are also in an electornic format, i.e. on a CD/DVD-ROM.

The IT colleague installed the dictionaries on two of the PCs in my work

One pc has Cambridge and the other Oxford.

The dictionaries are very inaccessible with a screen reader, i.e. nvda or

I use nvda as my main screen reader, but it cannot handle either of the

I switched to jaws to check if it can handle the dictionary, but it also

Does anyone of you know how to use these dictionaries with a screen reader?

Do you know whether nvda has an addon for anyone of the two?

Your help is appreciated in advance.

With respect


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