Re: abby finereader 14. Re: [nvda] need accessible OCR software for scanning books and printed materials

Dan Kerstetter

I use it, but I scan the document into Word which makes it readable.

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Subject: abby finereader 14. Re: [nvda] need accessible OCR software for scanning books and printed materials

I read someone have finereader14.
I have a copy of the 12 and NVDA is not able to read scanned documents because that window is not accessible, you must use review cursor but it is absolutely not a good solution. On finereader14 do you have the same issue?

I'm using KnfbReader on windows10, it works well!

Il 11/04/2017 04:56, Shaun Everiss ha scritto:
Yes I have abbyy fine reader 14 standard.

It is one of the cheapest desktop scanners round, omnipage costs a
bundle, and the things like k1000 cost a really large bundle though
they are nice.

When I was in school and on the school network one of my friends gave
me a cracked coppy of k1000 which I used on a lot of things back in
the xp days.

But I'd have to get my own later on and it wasn't worth doing or using it.

Sadly abyy costs almost as much to upgrade as it does to buy but oh well.

On 11/04/2017 2:46 p.m., Alexander Masic wrote:
But wat's wrong with Abbyy? In my opinion it works fine. particulary
if you scan in to Microsoft word. You can purchase KNFB reader, but
only if you have windows 10, not below that, It has limited support
for other languages. hehe surprisely Swedish is one of them, regulary
we always have to wait.

If i want scan something in to word, i am stil using Abbyy
finereader, find it mor convinient, but check something i use knfb reader.

Den 2017-04-11 kl. 02:44, skrev Shaun Everiss:
Though it is now 100 bucks now.

I got it on the first release special and its now linked to my ms
account and perminantly mine.

I don't need it actually but when I saw the add well I decided there
and then I'd get and link it for when I do.

On 11/04/2017 12:39 p.m., David Tanner wrote:
I would recommend K in FB reader for windows 10. I have used it
many times with NVDA very successfully.

David Tanner

From my iPhone 7
On Apr 10, 2017, at 4:59 PM, tsengel
<> wrote:

hello Lister

i use NVDA and i need to scan printed books and materials so if
you have any accessible OCR software solution please let me know
and help i have only abby-Fine-Reader version 12 you have other
accessible software please share to my works and I would greatly
appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback on regards M.

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