Re: a problem a friend is having after installing a windows update

enes sarıbaş


Tried sfc with no success. However, will try dism. Additionally, this was an ssd on a mac, so system restore was disabled. Therefore, this is not an option.

On 4/12/2017 7:36 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


          Have you tried SFC followed by DISM (possibly followed again by SFC)?   I have found that DISM often fixes bits that SFC does not.

If you can't get this fixed via SFC & DISM then I'd consider using System Restore to roll back to a restore point prior to the latest cumulative update install.  There are times when some really inexplicable (and seemingly undetectable) error occurs during an update and allowing it to reapply itself after a restore to before it was first applied allows it to get itself installed correctly on the second shot.

If you want to "go extreme" you could use system restore to roll back to before that last cumulative update then use the Windows 10 Update Assistant to force an update to Creators Update.  This, however, would be my last resort.

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