Re: windows 10 app esencials announsing what updates you have



          I just did a "Check for Updates" and got an update for Windows Defender definitions.  I was focused on the update History link so I would only have known that an update was found because the "install ascending beeps began" but I was able to hit SHIFT+TAB to go back to the updates list and it read off the update that had been downloaded and was being applied.  Since this was prefaced by "List" I'd have to believe I could navigate through additional list items if such had existed.

          Like I said, most updates occur in the background if they're "trivial" and I don't even know that they've occurred unless I check Update History.  Since you can't reject them it's more than a bit of a moot point if you know about them either immediately before or immediately after they've been applied.  They will be applied so I simply don't concern myself with them until or unless a problem occurs that requires fixing.  If you want to know what's been applied that you didn't manually initiate and watch then use the Updates History link to get to the list.

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