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brian <sackriderbrian45@...>

    The thing that you need to research is how do you get nvda to read the updates as they come in your are avoiding the issue.

Brian Sackrider

On 4/12/2017 7:52 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi Brian, Brian and others,

To Brian V: what Brian S is looking for is a way for NVDA to announce names of updates as they are being downloaded.

To Brian S: so you are saying that, in Windows 7, NVDA somehow announces names of updates as it is being downloaded? My experience does not confirm this, as in when I run my Windows 7 VM for testing, I don’t hear NVDA announce names of updates as they are being downloaded. Nor does Narrator announce names of updates when they are being downloaded in Windows 10. If you do have justifications, let me know so I can consider them, and I will also weigh in user experience consistency when deciding if it is something I need to research this summer.


Joseph (WinTenApps add-on author)


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    Yes I do want updates to be announced as they come in asI get updates when Icheck for them and I wait until I know that they have been successfully installed or not and there is no reason that this can't be done but you just don't care.  This is the second request that I have made and I got the same response.  The first request was for an add on for ie to read the percentages when downloading and now this request for an add on to announce every update as it comes in.  The clear reality here is if the developers of nvda don't want somthing in nvda it's just not going to happen.   It's not about it's about the en users of your product nvda.  If you truly did care about the users of nvda then you would make theese 2 add ons that I have requested.  There is no such as it can't be done that only says that you just don't want to do it.  The developers and the add on community does not really care at all about the requests of the users of nvda because the profe is in the poodding.

Brian Sackrider


On 4/12/2017 6:21 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


          I can see.  I cannot see what updates I will get until the list has populated, usually one by one.  Yes, I can see what's coming in before the install begins, but what does that matter because you can't stop it.

          If you want to know what's being installed then you need to constantly go and trigger a Check for Updates and wait for the first to begin either downloading or installing (depending on the sizes involved) and review the list.

          It's essentially no different than what the sighted get except that you need to wait for the auditory cue that the updates have begun downloading or installing.

          Things have changed in Windows 10 and the vast majority of users, including myself, have no idea of what's being installed until after the fact because Windows Update has changed significantly and by design keeps the process as "set it and forget it" as possible.

           I don't know what you think that the add-on should do unless you want it to lock up your processing by watching and waiting for each update name to be populated in the list, which is not always quick.

           If you want to know what's coming in you can wait and listen using NVDA, rather than look, as the sighted world has to do but with sight.  No screen reader is telepathic about how a dynamic list might populate until it's done populating.

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