Re: windows 10 app esencials announsing what updates you have


On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 04:52 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
To Brian V: what Brian S is looking for is a way for NVDA to announce names of updates as they are being downloaded.


          I understood exactly what was being asked for.  I was trying to explain two things:

  1. When you're in the Update & Security settings, Windows Update pane, it works very differently than "the old Windows Update did" in that not all of the updates are listed for you to go through and select when you first fire up Windows Update.  There's something akin to the "spinner circle" but it's a straight line of traveling dots, that generally runs for several minutes until the first update (if there are any) of a possible list of updates shows up and the list doesn't just complete moments after that.  I find the way the Windows 10 Windows Update downloads the updates list more than a bit frustrating myself, but it is what it is.  I don't get to see all the updates that are to be applied all at once nor do I get to pick and choose what will be installed.
  2. In the end we're all in the same boat whether we learn about the content of the updates just before the installation begins or just after the installation begins.  Unless you've got a single update that occurs at lightning speed, and I have yet to have one of those even if it's just a Windows Defender definition update, you can navigate up to the completed list when you hear that the first lengthy download is started or the installation has begun.

I have no problem with the concept of having the updates announced as the list is populated with the updates found, but it is a big question as to how easy this would be and as to whether resources are not better spent elsewhere since updates cannot be rejected.

Windows as a service has drastically changed the whole Windows Update paradigm and we're all going to have to get used to that.  The most significant change is that update selection will no longer be possible (at least for most users of Windows - I don't wish to get into Enterprise or Educational - both of which are very focused sub-markets within the Windows 10 market as a whole).

If someone thinks it's a cinch to present these updates as they pop into the list as it's built then have at it.  I have no objection to that, but I believe the other Brian is not considering what is likely involved in achieving that goal nor whether that goal, great as it may be, should be a priority.  I will gladly say I do not think it should be a priority as there will be many more critical things to address (there are some already, actually).


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