this NVDA error is driving me nuts!

ken lawrence

Hi NVDA user have tried to get an answer to this and nothing it is driving me crazy.  this morning while still using jaws before switching to NVDA I checked out an item on blind bargains.  I finished all I needed to finish, and now am on NVDA I went to that item on blind bargains again, wanting to review it one more time.  it was a primer on the windows 10 creaters update.  I’m going to call the microsoft answer desk in a moment and have some help with that update.  however when I clicked the link in the blind bargains email to read that item again instead of bringing up chrome to read the document, I see an error message Internet explorer is coming up saying address not valid this is NVDA any time I go to an item on a link in an email, close that down and do something else maybe on a different browser like firefox, then return to that previous thing it won’t bring up chrome which is my default. I get that not valid message and internet explorer is coming up with it.  internet explorer has nothing to do with it it’s not my default and this only happens on NVDA to correct this I have to reboot. why is NVDA not able to bring up my default browser after I have done something else somewhere else.  I’m going to have to either reboot to reread that item or do this blindly.  does anyone know why this happens.  internet explorer is my least used and least favorite browser and should have absolutely nothing to do with it.  and again it is an NVDA error. 

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