Re: this NVDA error is driving me nuts!


We'll see how this develops.  I've seen the same complaint once or twice before and I don't remember how or if it was resolved.  NVDA wouldn't be expected to have anything to do with the problem but I don't rule out the possibility of odd behavior when dealing with Windows and Windows programs in odd cases.  Very low probability things might occur very rarely.

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NVDA has nothing to do with which browser is launched as far as ican see. It
is dictated by the file associations in windows, which file types and links
are opened by which browser if its not your default. are you saying that
doing exactly the same thing in Jaws does not have this effect. I'd be very
sceptical about this myself unless its jaws which is doing the altering to
the browser and not NVDA.
 We would need to know all the details of the operating system and which
versions of which browsers were installed and exact steps to reproduce the
effect you get.
 The only time I've seen other browsers open is.
 If a link is clicked in that other browser first.
If a program is configured to use a different browser, such as for example
the file hippo utility or Microsoft windows update in XP which will always
use Internet Explorer.

Occasionally, a particular web page can be configured to send a command to
another program, such as when it needs flash or something, but its not often
I've seen this re launch a different browser. Of course Itunes in Windows
has its own heap of rubbish  that accesses the internet as do other bits of
software, some of these are based on Internet Explorer.

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Subject: [nvda] this NVDA error is driving me nuts!

Hi NVDA user have tried to get an answer to this and nothing it is driving
me crazy.  this morning while still using jaws before switching to NVDA I
checked out an item on blind bargains.  I finished all I needed to finish,
and now am on NVDA I went to that item on blind bargains again, wanting to
review it one more time.  it was a primer on the windows 10 creaters update.
I’m going to call the microsoft answer desk in a moment and have some help
with that update.  however when I clicked the link in the blind bargains
email to read that item again instead of bringing up chrome to read the
document, I see an error message Internet explorer is coming up saying
address not valid this is NVDA any time I go to an item on a link in an
email, close that down and do something else maybe on a different browser
like firefox, then return to that previous thing it won’t bring up chrome
which is my default. I get that not valid message and internet explorer is
coming up with it.  internet explorer has nothing to do with it it’s not my
default and this only happens on NVDA to correct this I have to reboot. why
is NVDA not able to bring up my default browser after I have done something
else somewhere else.  I’m going to have to either reboot to reread that item
or do this blindly.  does anyone know why this happens.  internet explorer
is my least used and least favorite browser and should have absolutely
nothing to do with it.  and again it is an NVDA error.

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