narator on creaors update

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I thought that I would let you all a couple of issues with narator on the creators update. First narator does not read the percentages when downloading in webie. Second narator does not read messages in thunderbird. When you go to your inbox and go in to a message and you press caps lock m narator just says not on explorable text. I called the microsoft dissibility line and reported theese 2 issues with narator. I was told that narator does not read programs outside of microsoft but they will pass on my feedback as They will have to write the scripts for more programs. I also ask them if they could make updates to work with screen readers to announce the updates as they come in.

Brian Sackrider

On 4/13/2017 1:25 PM, Carlos wrote:
Hello All:

I have Win 8.1 and my computer is qualified to run win 10.

Is there a tutorial for blind users that will guide me through all the steps necessary to have a nice quiet and pain free upgrading experience?

NVDA is my main screen reader and as we all also have narrator which I am not sure how well it might work on the upgrade?

I will be doing the upgrade from the Microsoft accessibility website which offers those upgrad to Win 10 for those who have assistive technologies.

Thank You! In advance for all your good advice and assistance!!!

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