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Are you saying you want to get rid of other browsers and which ones?  Even if it works reasonably, I doubt it works as well as Firefox or Chrome and I question if it has any advantages that matter.  Browsers are becoming increasingly alike and Firefox has attachments and one feature in particular that some blind people may find useful. 
As far as eliminating software, worry about that is overmanagement, in my opinion.  Programs don't take a lot of disk space and a few more or less means nothing.  Indeed, at times uninstalling programs causes problems.  It's often better to just leave programs on the machine, even if they are not going to be used.  I've read discussions on another list about people who uninstalled Microsoft Word only to have serious problems because the uninstallation removed a component necessary for NVDA to function.  I uninstalled a trial speechpackage for Eloquence and another voice and it uninstalled a component necessary for Eloquence in general to work.  I did a system restore to solve the problem.  I often uninstall programs if I know I'm not goint to use them but I don't have a concern about leaving them on the machine either and I never uninstall programs unless I know that I have a way to revert such as system restore that is on and that restore points are available. 

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Hi there folks,

Is Microsoft Edge usable in the latest Windows 10? I would love to be able to get rid of extraneous software on the PC.

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