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I just upgraded the machine i am using to the latest version of Windows 10.

It says 1703 and had a quick look at edge my self.

When i upgraded i used nvda 2017.1 and not the master snapshot.

In edge now the letters you type into the location bar now are spoken instead of hearing nothing. Before you could review them but not hear them when typed.

With nvda 2017.1 it seems quicker and not as laggy as before when going between pages  etc There might be some focus problem when you come back to the page and it ends up where your settins etc are up the top. I would have to have more of a play and try it with a master snapshot. There was the reporting of links two times but not all the time. That was still using the 2017.1 version so may of been fixed up in the master of which i will try out later on today.

I also noticed in the windows mail app the reporting of the letters when typed in the to field are now spoken also in the subject area and also when you type up the body of the email. I have to have a bit

more of a play but so far looks good to me.

I have been writing up a basic tutorial on using microsoft edge that i will upload to my website in the next few days maybe earlier? But i will also have a please note for older versions of windows and not that the speaking of those areas mentioned now work.

Looks like over the easter break i will sus this version of windows out more.

Gene nz

 14/04/2017 8:06 AM, Brandt Steenkamp wrote:

Hi there folks,

Is Microsoft Edge usable in the latest Windows 10? I would love to be able to get rid of extraneous software on the PC.

Thanks so long.



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