Re: Upgrading to Win 10

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


the following page from off my website will help you.

On the page you need to jump down the section about upgrading to windows
10. I forget the guys name from blind cool tech that done it but will
give you a idea of what to expect.

Are you going to have a sighted person help you or as they say do it blind.

I here have upgraded a few machines by myself and i have no vision but
if things go wrong you need a sighed person to help hopefully fix the

The easiest way might be to use the media creadion tool and go up that
way. It will download the file to your pc then go through the process of
installing windows 10. You will have nvda up to about the period of
where it starts rebooting 7 times i think it is then you have to wait
for a period of time before you can start up narrator to finish off the

any how the tutorial is a audio one and will give you a idea of what to do.

it can be found on this page at

last night i done it with a CD which had the 1703 build of windows on it
but this was from a earlier version of Windows 10 but along the same

Things might go wrong but may not.

Gene nz

On 14/04/2017 5:25 AM, Carlos wrote:
Hello All:

I have Win 8.1 and my computer is qualified to run win 10.

Is there a tutorial for blind users that will guide me through all
the steps necessary to have a nice quiet and pain free upgrading

NVDA is my main screen reader and as we all also have narrator
which I am not sure how well it might work on the upgrade?

I will be doing the upgrade from the Microsoft accessibility
website which offers those upgrad to Win 10 for those who have
assistive technologies.

Thank You! In advance for all your good advice and assistance!!!

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