Re: Mary TTS

Arno Schuh


not an add-on, but if you install SpeechHub it comes with Mary TTS.
Hope Isaac will pick up the development of SpeechHub again. There are a lot of interesting voices in the Mary TTS Project; especially of not so common languages. I was looking for a voice of the nearby Luxembourgian language - but of course nobody will try to create a special voice for barely less than 500 native speakers of a German tongue across the border... The only hit a Google search brings up was a try in Mary TTS.


Am Freitag, 14. April 2017 00:30 schrieb Ame <abk043@...>:


I was wondering if Mary TTS is compatible with NVDA. I’ve looked in
several places for an addon of some kind and can’t find one. Does a
Mary addon exist? Is it worth having?

Thanks a bunch.

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