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Hi Gene,
I wholeheartedly apologise, because this was mainly the tutorial I was going to send, but I don't know why I couldn't paste the text from microsoft word where I typed it. Now I can see that you can fully access it. It's a piece of good information. I am talking about my post related to Dan.

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Hi Afrim

Would I be able to have a copy of your tutorial on face book? It can be sent to my email off this list  if you would like to.
It can be found in the header of the email or you could send it to my other account  on my website.  The email address is hurrikennyandopo@...
I do have a partly written up tutorial on using the basics of face book, but has not been finished yet.

If you are happy for me to use some of your material I would like to combine the 2 of them then host it off my webstie at http://www.accessibilitycentral.netit would go under the nvda tutorials for other programs page in a written format.

I have been considering a audio tutorial on the basics of face book, but have not got there yet as I don't use it enough.

Gene nz

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Hello Dan,

Accessing facebook through NVDA may sound a little difficult in the beginning. It is so because you will deal with a lot of information in the page which may really confuse you. However, it does not have to be so difficult if you are a little careful. I’ve been a user of Facebook for a very long time now. I mostly have used it through its main website, but if you are not patient, and if you want a less crowded page, you can use either, or

In my experience, I found touch facebook a little better because it resembles the main website of facebook. It is indeed very crowded area, but I believe you will get used to it through some hints.

Use the quick navigation keys you use to navigate on internet like headings, links, buttons and edit boxes.

When you log in to facebook for the first time, you come across things like messages, requests, notifications and so on. To put this into practice, you press ctrl+home to go to the beginning of the page, and start navigating by using the down arrow key to see what you have in the page. The first link is “Skip to news feed”, then you bump into home and your profile. Note that these also have shortcuts, but I mostly do not use them. Then you find an edit box to search for people, pages, groups or places. After that, you have three buttons which stand for requests, messages and notifications. Now we come to what I suggested you to do in the beginning. “Use those quick navigation keys”. To make this more concrete, let’s suppose you log in to facebook, and you want to check your messages or notifications. Use “B” to move through buttons and you will jump to these buttons I described right away. First you find requests, then messages, notifications, and if you continue, you run into privacy shortcuts and account settings. To access the account settings, which is very important, you have to press insert+space to read these settings. When you find one which you need, press enter. The same procedure goes for requests, notifications, or messages. The difference is that on messages or notifications, you need to press tab to access the items.

We are not yet done. We are finished just with a section of facebook. Now we come to another part, which is reading news feed and other sections which are related to them. So again, let’s come back to the beginning of the page by pressing ctrl+home. Press “H” to move through the headings, because the news feed and the sections which come before are arranged so. You will bump into friends, pages, groups, favourites, people you may know and then news feed. Continue to browse by H, and you will be presented with what people share. An example could be, John Smith shared a link. Now press down arrow to access the information next to that heading. After you read what the post is about, you will have the options to like, comment or share. The post which may either be found by down arrow, or by using B, to move through buttons. Note! There will be an edit box next to each heading where there is a post, and that is for writing a comment or uploading a photo along with the comment. Sometimes, there are a lot of posts that come in front of you, and NVDA and many other screen readers become really slow. Something I forgot to mention is that apart from a heading which shows a post, there is also the next heading that displays the comments related to it.

Remember, we are not yet done. Now we jump to the next section which is chatting or sending and receiving messages. The chat is found in the end of the page. This being said, Press ctrl+End and you will go to the end of the page, where there is the chat. Press up arrow and you will find a search button to look for people whom you want to message. Press again up arrow and you may find options if I’m not wrong. Once again, press up arrow and you will hear “Chat conversation end”. Now, if you still continue pressing up arrow, you will run into people who are currently online. They may be 15, 20 or more. To make things easier, read the names of these people by links, and if you like to send a message to someone, press enter on his/her name. NVDA should move the cursor automatically to the edit box to type the message, but if it doesn’t, press this important keyboard shortcut “ctrl+end” to move to the end of the page, and press shift+E to find the edit box where you should type the message. Additionally,  you have an edit box to upload and send a photo. These edit boxes come with a name, so when you hear “type a message…”, stop there. When you are finished writing the message, press enter to send it. To read the sender’s message, press up arrow from that edit box and you will be able to read everything in the chat history. The same procedure should be followed even when somebody sends you a message, or when you activate a conversation from within the messages section in the beginning of the page that I described above.

If you were attentive listening to what I said, you will be able to progress very quickly and learn how to use facebook through its main website.

I hope this helped you.



I have written a short document on how to use facebook through its main website, but I'm not sure why isn't it sent correctly

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