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Hello. By the way, is there any Solution to disable abriviations for vocalizer voices?

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In you only have option to buy the complete package.


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Thank you for your help with these issues.

I am still looking for an answer to my question about
buying voices for NVDA.

I found the website about voices, its something
like, but not sure really how to
buy voices off that site.

In particular, I wanted to know if you can buy just
one or a few voices, rather then $100 on all
the voices.

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Control down-arrow reads an entire paragraph. Control up-arrow reads the
previous paragraph.

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Perhaps there might be easier software, perhaps I'm using the wrong tool for
the job.

However, from the amount that I've used this NVDA software so far, it does
seem to

do exactly what I need.

I really just need to learn how to navigate with the keyboard.

Can you please tell me what the command is to make it read an entire

You mentioned READ TILL END, or some such command, but I can't find that

in the menu options anywhere.

Thank you for your help.


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Have you looked into applications for people with deslexia? (spelling) Have
you joined anything like e-mail lists, I presume there are such, for

I don't know what it's like for a sighted person to use a web page with
NVDA. they could learn to use the keyboard but that may be a lot of
unnecessary work.

there are lots of sighted people, such as Dyslexics who use programs not
developed for blind people and if you haven't inquired about those, you may
very well be going down a much more difficult track than necessary. I don't
know what you have done but here is a sample of what I'm talking about.

Here is an article discussing some of these programs.


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I think it would be a good idea for me to watch some tutorial videos on

before I ask more questions.

It might simply be that I don't understand how to navigate a web page with

this program. I'm using Chrome browser.

However, my concern about the voices is valid.

The link to buy new voices on your NV Access website seems to be a broken


Also, someone mentioned on youtube that it costs $100 to buy these voices,

is there a way to only buy one voice for less?

Thank you for the help.


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Presuming you install the program, so that your settings changes
are saved, many of the things you ask about can be done.

It would be really helpful to know what version of Windows you're
running under and what programs you're trying to use NVDA with in order to
be more specific in guidance.

On Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 02:26 pm, Fantasy Sports wrote:

1. I've noticed it speaks very fast, too fast for me to understand what
it is saying. Is there a way to change how fast it speaks, or will
this automatically change when you buy a new voice for it.

If you happen to be running under Windows 10, and your purpose
for using NVDA is primarily to have things read to you so that you can
listen rather than trying to read them yourself, I would strongly suggest
that you change your synthesizer to Microsoft Speech API-5 and your Voice to
one of the two that are built into Windows 10 for SAPI-5, David for male
voice and Zira for female. I am presuming you know how to right click on
the NVDA icon in the system tray to cause the NVDA menu to come up. Both of
the above settings fall under the Preferences menu. Synthesizer is under
synthesizer and voice is under voice. The first slider in the Voice dialog
is rate. You can use this to increase or decrease the speech rate, and this
is true whatever synthesizer and voice combination you happen to be using.

2. It appears to read just one single line at a time, based on where the
mouse is. Is there a way to make it read entire paragraphs at a time,
or to hi-lite paragraphs for it to read? Or to make it read everything
below a certain point on the screen, for multiple paragraphs?

So far in my playing with this the answer depends on the program, but
someone who uses NVDA as their primary access method may be able to answer
the following question for me, which will help me help you if there is a
way: How does one route the system caret to the mouse position when you're
in a web browser?

When I'm in Microsoft Word, for example, I can easily achieve your goal of
getting focus to where the mouse is and to continue reading from there.
After I've heard NVDA give the voice output for the line over which it is
hovering I can simply click the mouse and the system carat is there (or
close to it if I bumped it slightly). I can get NVDA to Say All from that
point by hitting INS+Down Arrow since I'm using the desktop keyboard layout.
It will do exactly what one would expect, keep reading from that point.
However, when I'm in a web browser (and it doesn't matter which one) the
behavior is quite different. If I'm reading this group on, for
instance, as I run the mouse down the page it will read the line over which
I'm hovering, but when I click it does not move the system caret to that
point like it does in Word. I've also tried the "navigate to the object
under the mouse" command, which causes the same text I just heard during
hover over to be repeated, but the system carat doesn't move and neither, it
seems, does what NVDA has focus on because I generally seem to still have
focus on a link at the top of the page that's outside the area that I'm
hovering over entirely. I just cannot seem to figure out how to force the
system caret to the mouse location via NVDA and the usual sighted way of
clicking where my mouse pointer indicates I am isn't doing it either.

3. It doesn't seem to work very well for Chrome browsers, it has trouble
reading just about everything that is in the Chrome browser actually. Is
there a way to fix this?

It's not just for Chrome but the problem is more related
to mouse-based use than keyboard based use. One thing you might want to try
is hitting INS+F7, and when the NVDA elements dialog comes up select the
Headings radio button to see the various headings in the webpage. You can
then jump to various spots on the page quite easily and have NVDA start
reading from there. This only works, of course, on pages that are coded
with headings but that's an awful lot of pages.

I'm still trying to figure out a fast and efficient
method to read the online archive for any group with a screen
reader. It's taking longer than I had expected!

There are definite differences in the way someone who's
sighted would use screen readers than their target audience does.


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