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This is not caused by overwrite.  In the example, nothing is deleted.  Characters are out of place.

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Hi Gary,


I am wondering if perhaps the insert key is being set to overwrite instead of inserting characters.  I used to see this in Word myself, and a press of the insert key disabled this from happening.  Apparently in Word, you can get into overwrite mode where when you type if is actually overwriting text   instead of inserting it.


As for chat programs, I wonder how Miranda would work with NVDA?  I haven’t tried it myself.  Maybe try Instantbird as well?



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My workplace uses Jabber extensively to chat internally.  I have been using Thunderbird's built-in chat, but find that it occasionally scrambles my outgoing messages, which is very strange, annoying, and has to be with T-Bird specifically because I don't have this issue with any other software.  For example, the line:


"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"


Might be changed to:


"ver the lazy dogThe quick brown fox jumps o"


Obviously, this happens while I'm typing, but I have no way to know this.  So, I guess this is a two part question:


1. Has anyone experienced this behavior and knows of a solution?


2. More importantly: does anyone know of a chat program, besides Thunderbird and Trillian, that works well with NVDA?  I've tried mIRC and Pidgin, but both have issues with NVDA.









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