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I almost never use Internet Explorer and I haven't upgraded beyond 8.  In 8, when you would start a download, the download window opens.  If you are in the window and if NVDA is set to read progress bars, you will here the percent spoken.  In IE11, I don't know what happens, but I'm confident that if you are in the right place, you will hear the percentage as well.  I consider this to be of very little importance because, for one thing, I use my computer during downloads most of the time and I'm not in the window.  It's really no trouble to check the download window of whatever browser I'm using off and on to see when a download completes.  And also, Internet Explorer can be made to play a sound when a download completes. 

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Subject: Re: [nvda] my 2 sugestions and the microsoft accessability line

Hi, Brian,

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you here. If you want to hear the percentage when something is downloading, just press insert U. The choices you'll get are beep, speak percentages or no speech. You don't really need something special like an add-on or narrator to announce percentages when downloading a file.


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Subject: [nvda] my 2 sugestions and the microsoft accessability line

lastweek I called the accessability line and gave them my sugestions for narator and since then I have in email contact with Sean about this.  He would pass on my sugestions and he also said that would make narator stand out.  I told him that if narator could read the percentages when downloading in internet explorer and have narator announce every update as it is being downloaded. I told him that nvda does not do theese things and I don't that it ever will.  Theese are both microsoft issues with windows so this should be able to be done.  This would make naratordo what other screen readers can't do.

Brian Sackrider

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