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Pete <emac00@...>

  Have a try at Instantbird.  I like that you can have messages from different senders as tabs or as separate windows.  I used to use it a while ago, works with msn protocol as well as others. 

On 4/18/2017 11:14 AM, Gary wrote:


My workplace uses Jabber extensively to chat internally.  I have been using Thunderbird's built-in chat, but find that it occasionally scrambles my outgoing messages, which is very strange, annoying, and has to be with T-Bird specifically because I don't have this issue with any other software.  For example, the line:

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

Might be changed to:

"ver the lazy dogThe quick brown fox jumps o"

Obviously, this happens while I'm typing, but I have no way to know this.  So, I guess this is a two part question:

1. Has anyone experienced this behavior and knows of a solution?

2. More importantly: does anyone know of a chat program, besides Thunderbird and Trillian, that works well with NVDA?  I've tried mIRC and Pidgin, but both have issues with NVDA.




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