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Noah Davis

It is ,in fact, the Apple Software Update tool. I can say this because
when I had iTunes installed on my system, that would come up
periodically. But when I uninstalled it for reasons other than the
dialogue popping up (I also had to uninstall the Apple Software
Updater separately), it stopped. I also don't recall seeing that
dialogue before I messed around with iTunes.

On 3/28/16, Melissa Hammitt <> wrote:
I get the same sort of message. I thought it was FireFox doing it, but
it could be iTunes instead. I usually only get that message, as best
as I remember, when I have both programs running so who knows!

On 3/28/16, Gene <> wrote:
NVDA isn't doing anything. Something else is checking for new software.
Such messages should never come from NVDA.
Perhaps you run some sort of program that looks at your computer and
programs and drivers. If the program doesn't identify itself and you
no idea what it is, perhaps you should look through add/remove programs
see if you see anything that might be that kind of program.

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Acasionally, I get a dialogue that pops up that says checking for new
software. Is NVDA just checking for software, or is it installing fixes?

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