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In this case, I was talking about security and stability updates issued monthly.  I doubt those are tested in the insider program.  Microsoft does, from time to time, release a bat patch. 

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Granted, but I do sometimes fell that the way its done out of sight means
that if you are working and it does screw things up, you have little or no
 Myself I'd prefer the old system of a nag message that says, windows has
some updates. When can I install them?

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Well, the ribbons show up in Wordpad under Creators Update.

I tire of hearing the hue and cry about "forced" updates. Virtually every OS
applies updates specified by the maker of said OS automatically, and now
Windows does so. Yes, there's the occasional bad update. Under Windows 10
the system health telemetry has already shown its value in stopping
problematic updates in their path and resulting in faster fixes. The
Anniversary Update roll out was greatly extended because of unanticipated
issues. Given the amount of different hardware that Windows, all versions of
Windows, run on it's not possible for Microsoft to do comprehensive testing
on all of it. This alone means that there are always going to be occasional
issues regardless of how well tested it was before its release "into the

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