Re: Tek Talk featuring Joseph Lee - New NVDA Features

john s

Tea, I tried that and the url wasn't recognized.

At 06:33 AM 4/19/2017, you wrote:

Hi, John,

try to open it in your browser. I opened this link in Chrome and it works for me.
If you would like to subscribe to Tek talk podcast:
- open qCast
- press the Alt key to enter the podcast menu
- press down arrow key untill you here "Add podcast" and then press enter.
Paste the URL Jessica gave for subscription and tab till Check Url.
After that, you'll see the name of the podcast and last ten available episodes.

Tea Turkovic

19.4.2017. u 12:15, john s je napisao/la:
I tried this link in QCast and the link wasn't recognized.

At 04:30 AM 4/19/2017, you wrote:
Check out Tek Talk featuring Joseph Lee - New NVDA Features from the Tek Talk Archives Podcast!
You can listen to it at with your media player,
or in QCast from
which will never lose your place and will let you speed up, slow down, fast forward, rewind and download this episode!



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