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On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 12:41 am, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Myself I'd prefer the old system of a nag message that says, windows has some updates. When can I install them?

I personally miss that aspect of old Windows Update as well.  I always had my systems set to download updates but to let me choose when to install them.  I don't care very much with regard to updates that don't require a restart, but for the ones the will it would be nice to have a really obvious warning that one is waiting, and you don't get that anymore.

My machine did a restart overnight to apply updates regarding which I had not noticed anything come up in the notification center.  There have been other times when, by chance, I have and could choose to either restart now or just let the Windows Update process do that for me during non-active hours.

What I find interesting is how readily some want to assign any malfunction on their computers to "a bad update."   It's not that these have never occurred, but when a true bad update goes out the effects are generally not isolated, but broad.   Updates can, and sometimes do, reveal a vulnerability that was idiosyncratic to one's own machine due to something that came (or didn't come) before rather than the update itself.   During the old Windows Update era I had a lot of calls over the years that were for problems that I solved by applying Windows Updates that the user had not applied, sometimes by intent and sometimes through malfunction of Windows Update that they hadn't noticed.  My own experience in doing technical support for a long time now strongly suggests to me that there were many more issues that were the direct result of refusing updates selectively and, over time, that creating a house of cards that finally came crashing down.

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