Re: Read current line 3 times to copy its content to clipboard?

Bhavya shah

Hi Gerardo,
In fact, I had filed a ticket a very long while ago on the tracker,
but admittedly, I had been unable to provide any substantial usage
case for the same. Moreover, another user even reported that pressing
NVDA+T thrice accidentally was sufficient an annoyance because due to
that inadvertent extra NVDA+T press, the clipboard contents got
modified which can be an understandable irritation, thus voting
against NVDA+L thrice copying the current line. I would be happy to
look and provide you the ticket link if necessary, in case you wish to
substantiate the feature requests with usage cases and other

On 4/19/17, Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...> wrote:
I've always wondered with nvda Why not PUT IN A COMMAND OF 3-TIMES
nvda+L (Laptop keyboard layout) that reads current line, 3-times so that
what NVDA just read gets copied onto the Clipboard? Just like the logic
behind NVDA+t 3-times to copy the title's content to the clipboard, the
same logic could be applied to NVDA+l 3-times, right? it's just so
natural of nvda+T 3-times that I've thought why not implement this into
copy current line? I'm always looking for ways to better NVDA, thus the

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