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For a WordPad replacement, there's always Jarte, still using clasic menus:

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Wooo, testing it, wordpad is totally unusable for me in Windows 7. I
can't open ribbons, I can't move between buttons in save dialog, I can't
locate the ribbon with object navigation (I can locate these using flat
navigation but is not activated) etc... horrible.

El 19/04/2017 a las 4:38, Brian's Mail list account escribió:
Hmm, for the record in 7 at least one can import the xp version of
Wordpad with its ordinary ribbons.
It also seems to get around the apparent random format choices in save
that the newer version seems to exhibit, at least for myself.
Thinks.. I wonder if this is in any way related to the some menues
dont work after running some software, issue I meantioned yesterday?

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I'm not sure which list it was on but the subject of ribbons came up
in Wordpad yesterday. two people reported that they couldn't get the
ribbons to come up. there was speculation as to the cause but now we
know. On another list, the topic came up again tonight. A list
member reports that his ribbons working properly in Windows 7. He
then installed the four important updates Microsoft said should be
installed and now they no longer work. So much for the wonders of
forced updates in Windows 10. this was in Windows 7, as I said and we
don't know if Windows 10 is affected. But all those who cannot defer
updates may have this problem. They can't be deferred in Windows 10


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