Re: NVDA and LibreOfice annoyances - Two, three or many places?


i remember that only i tested calc 5.2 with nvda one time and i was
not comfortable with it.
you can subscribe in
and report it for developers to fix it.
also did you try libreoffice 5.3 calc with nvda to see the result?

On 4/19/17, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io
<wsautodidata@...> wrote:
Excuse me, but LibreOffice is broken, at least when working with NVDA.

This is especially true with Calc.

At least in the case of decimal digits being announced in a different
form that they are shown on the screen, the fault apparently is of
LibreOffice 5.2.x

Em 18/04/2017 16:06, Brian Vogel escreveu:


As a matter of policy I never use anything but the latest
versions of open source or free software such as LibreOffice, so I
really can't advise regarding what earlier versions are like. I
personally would not use an earlier version unless the latest has
somehow become broken from an accessibility standpoint, and that's not
particularly likely.

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