Re: NVDA not showing up in Ease Of Access Center


I think the option is in nvda>general>use nvda on ogon and other screens button


and save the settings before exiting nvda



From: Roger Stewart
Sent: 19 April 2017 18:01
Subject: [nvda] NVDA not showing up in Ease Of Access Center


I just had my laptop to a computer store for repair.  The install of Win

10 had become corrupted and there was no way to roll back so they did a

clean install of Win 10 Anniversary version for me. This will no doubt

get updated to Creators soon.  The problem I'm having is that NVDA no

longer shows up in the Ease Of Access Center as it used to.  I tried

unchecking the auto start nvda at win log on and saving this and then

going right back and check it and save again.  I even restarted nvda a

couple times.  It still won't show up for me in Ease Of Access.  Can

anyone help?












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