Re: NVDA and LibreOffice annoyannces: dates

Walmir Schultz <wsautodidata@...>

I have a spreadsheet with gold prices that are composed of a column with mont/year and other wit the value.

Using, for example, "Jan/99" is better than other formats. Why? Because on saturdays and mondays there is no information. So, the true day is not important, but this formatting "says" that it is the last working day of that month.
I was not responsible for this formatting, but was very happy because it facilitate the input.

Em 19/04/2017 14:43, Brian Vogel escreveu:

I'm sorry, but no.

If you are going to use a date cell then it needs to contain a complete date or nothing can be expected to guess that date correctly.  It has to choose something, and it does.

If you want the 31st of January then enter a valid representation of the 31st of January.

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