Re: NVDA and Libreofice, a new problem: CRASH!!


hi walmir.
i recommend to test libreoffice, and waite also for 5.2.7
which is very near to release.
i read that the developers fixed some important bugs in libreoffice
which one of the openoffice users requested there fix in openoffice!
but libreoffice sometimes cant open a particular file and document
recovery appears.
its special for some documents and you should subscribe in
send your report and include your document for developers to fix.
hope that help and God bless you.

On 4/19/17, Walmir Schultz via Groups.Io
<> wrote:
One of the reasons I decided to downgrade to LibreOffice 5.1.x was a new

While using Calc, the program crashes randomly, showing a
message saying that the files will be saved. Then a dialog invites to
send a report and the file recovering is launched.

As far as I know, this only occurs in conjunction with NVDA.

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