Re: Question about donating to NVDA

Fernando Apan

Ok, I'll use it that way. Thanks a lot.

Fernando Apan.

El 20/04/2017 a las 03:46 a.m., Dennis L escribió:
you can use your vesa card on PayPal.
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Subject: [nvda] Question about donating to NVDA

Hi all, I hope you're all fine.

It has been a while that I'm trying to donate to the NVDA project but it always appears the paypal opcion. My question here is: is it possible to make a donation using only my visa credit card and not having to create a paypal account?

I will deeply appreciate any help or advise you can guys give me here. I would love to contribute to this wonderful screen reader, at least with a little amount.

Best of all,

Fernando Apan.

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