Re: Read current line 3 times to copy its content to clipboard?

Kevin Huber

Hi Gene:

There is already a command to add a line to the clipboard, so there is
no point in duplication anyway.

Kevin Huber

On 4/20/17, Gene <> wrote:
So that's support for making the feature require four repetitions instead of
three. I'm not sure how much demand there is for such a command, no other
screen-reader has it and usually, if I want to add something to the
clipboard, it isn't one line. It's usually more or less. But there's
nothing wrong with adding it, as long as the military spending is retained.

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From: Kevin Huber
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Hi Gene:

Actually the military spelling can be quite useful for people like
myself who have a slight hearing problem and sometimes find that it is
difficult to tell the difference between the letter t and the letter v
for instance.
Kevin Huber

On 4/19/17, Gene <> wrote:
If military spelling is to be preserved, the command would have to be
times to copy to clip board. At present, one time says the current line.
Twice spells it. Three times spells it with military spelling. I don't
know if people use the military spelling option but three times to copy
clipboard would remove it.


On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 04:46 am, Gerardo Corripio wrote:

I've always wondered with nvda Why not PUT IN A COMMAND OF 3-TIMES
nvda+L (Laptop keyboard layout) that reads current line, 3-times so that
what NVDA just read gets copied onto the Clipboard? Just like the logic
behind NVDA+t 3-times to copy the title's content to the clipboard, the
same logic could be applied to NVDA+l 3-times, right? it's just so
natural of nvda+T 3-times that I've thought why not implement this into
copy current line? I'm always looking for ways to better NVDA, thus the

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