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To set a "hotspot" you can have NVDA read while still working elsewhere, you can use the review cursor.  Move the review cursor to the object (the countdown timer in this case) that you want to be able to read, then press NVDA+7 to turn follow system focus off, so the review cursor won't jump back to the current focus when you move around the screen normally.

See the section on Navigating with NVDA in the User Guide for more information:

The "Basic Training for NVDA" module also contains extensive information on using the review cursor and object navigation.

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Ahhh thanks, good to know!! 



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         It's a nice add-on.  However, unless I'm doing something really wrong, and I don't think I am, the commands list on the add-on page has the key sequences for the first two commands flip-flopped.   Save position as currently listed shows the positions and show positions list tries to save a new one.

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