Re: NVDA without soundcard, remote solution?

Bill Dengler

Yes, it’s possible to use NVDA remote without sound on the host.
I have a preconfigured portable copy of NVDA with speech disabled and the “automatically connect to remote server” option enabled to use for this purpose.


On Apr 21, 2017, at 12:59 PM, Jack Mendez <jmendez@...> wrote:

Would it be possible to use NVDA on a computer without a sound card together with NVDA remote? I would like to experiment with this in cases where the audio drivers fail on a computer and still need to troubleshoot the situation. In addition, I would also like to know where to look for resources on how to manually install add-ins along with the screen reader. I could potentially configure the NVDA portable edition with add-ins, and then copy it to the remote system and configure services to start NVDA? Does that sound reasonable to anyone?
Thanks for the help.
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