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Webmaster Deweer <webmaster_deweer@...>

I mean in the braille settings for NVDA. And I don't read English Contracted, so UEB is quiet difficult for me...
Thanks for your answer!
Greetings, Jordy.

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Verzonden: vrijdag 21 april 2017 19:54
Onderwerp: Re: [nvda] Lay-out in braille

Unified English Braille (UEB) code has what you need. All English speaking countries use this code now.

On 4/21/17, Webmaster Deweer <webmaster_deweer@...> wrote:
Dear people,

Is there a way to have the lay-out, like bold, italic, underlined,...
in braille, indicated with dots 7 & 8, below the characters?
I really need this to follow my lessons in high school.

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards, Jordy D.

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