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Is there any reason you want to use the VLC player?  For straight listening, I much prefer Winamp and Winamp will probably play things in order.
As far as Windows media Player is concerned, it has a remarkably good rapid listening feature that allows you to speed up speech while leaving the pitch constant.  It is much better than the one you can use with Winamp or the one in VLC Player.

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Yes. I know but I like VLC instead of WM player. I was hoping someone knew how to fix this. In the old VLC there was a setting that I could go to check something to make sure so it will play in order.
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          You need to change your default app for Music Player.  If you hit the WinKey and immediately type "default app" the Default app settings pane should be the first thing returned in the results.  Open that and then find "Music Player" and change it from Windows Media Player to VLC.


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