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argh, don't use the app store version, to be honest its quirky.
The main program downloaded as before was always much more well behaved.
I cannot check this on 10 till I get a new machine.
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It is not the number. I used the same book before without any issue. It is the VLC app that I downloaded from the app store for W10. In the past with W7 and VLC worked well using the same book. I like the book and read the book many times.
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I would check to make sure the files are numbered correctly and I would also check any settings such as shuffle to make sure they are off. I don't think the procedure given in the below message will work better than the other procedures described in the original message. They are just different ways of doing the same thing. You can try the procedure given, but I think the problem may be in the numbering or in some setting in the program.

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Then you should be able to accomplish this after you've opened VLC by:

1. Hitting CTRL+F to open the "Select Folder" dialog.

2. Navigate to the folder that contains the entire book's folder, select the book's folder in the dialog.

3. Activate the "Select Folder" button at the bottom of the dialog.

4. All chapters of the book should load into the play list area and begin playing with the first chapter (that is provided the chapter media files are numbered correctly, and I have little doubt that they are).

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