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I sometimes think this tends to happen on laptops due to their slower cpus to save power when things get busy. the UIA interface seems slow on many machines and we have no way to know if narrator is actually doing something internal to get around this problem. Often making idle rates on processors to be less slow can speed things up a lot. Task manager etc, do refresh quite often and one supposes anyting monitoring resources will also.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA sluggish in task manager and resource monitor

on several Win 10 machines I find that NVDA gets very sluggish when task
manager or resource monitor has focus. At first I thought it was because
the machines were slow anyway at that time, which is why I used these tools
in the first place, but I tested again in good times, that is, while
everything else was running smoothly, and I consistently get the same
sluggish behavior across multiple machines.
I also tested with Narrator and found it very responsive. So NVDA
definitely has some causal involvement here.
Any ideas/workarounds, anyone? Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards,

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