Re: NVDA sluggish in task manager and resource monitor

Jacob Kruger

If I hit ctrl+shift+escape right now on my win10 64 bit creators version, running current NVDA next snapshot, it works fine in the task manager, is just as responsive as anywhere else, etc. etc.

Only issue have always had with windows 10 task manager is trying to switch between what would have rendered as pages under windows 7 - tasks/applications, processes, startup, etc., but anyway.

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On 2017-04-23 11:34, Christo de Klerk wrote:

I can confirm Felix's issue. I also find Task Manager so sluggish with NVDA that I first close NVDA and fire up Narrator when it is necessary to use Task Manager.

The same behaviour is true also in the activation dialogue in DBT (Duxbury).

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On 2017/04/23 11:02 AM, Felix G. wrote:
on several Win 10 machines I find that NVDA gets very sluggish when task
manager or resource monitor has focus. At first I thought it was because
the machines were slow anyway at that time, which is why I used these tools
in the first place, but I tested again in good times, that is, while
everything else was running smoothly, and I consistently get the same
sluggish behavior across multiple machines.
I also tested with Narrator and found it very responsive. So NVDA
definitely has some causal involvement here.
Any ideas/workarounds, anyone? Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards,

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